Opigno is an Open Source e-learning platform based on Drupal that allows  you to manage your online trainings, and efficiently ensure that student, employee and partner skills remain up to date.
Opigno LMS is designed for Companies, Corporations and Universities, looking for an e-learning solution that is flexible and is easily scalable.

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Opigno has been acquiring very fast a large number of clients.

More than 8000 entities all around the world are trusting Opigno, ranging from small businesses to large multinational corporations and public administrations.

Opigno is used by clients in every sector: services, medical, luxury goods, industry, administration.

We are really proud that so many clients chose Opigno to support their activities, for example the following ones.

More than 8000 Opigno platforms all around the world


As the designers and maintainers of Opigno, we are able to bring you fast and efficient support.  Our team believes in our customers and their projects. Providing fast and reliable customer support is our first priority!

The support can include training (remotely), consulting, and assistance to help solve problems, of all types from configuring Opigno to developing custom modules.



You can very easily get the latest version of Opigno LMS, by clicking on the "Download Opigno" button.

The installation process is classical and similar to the installation process of a Drupal platform, since Opigno was developed as a Drupal distribution.
Simply follow the different steps of the installation process. In case of missing required package or incorrect server configuration, messages will appear guiding you on how to proceed.


What's new

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RT : WADA launches new anti-doping eLearning platform (ADeL) The platform will serve as a central hub for all of WADA’s… https://t.co/38fMWrI3h8 8 hours 4 min


The H5P team 

Helps us adapt the H5P technology for rich interactive content like interactive videos, learning games, tests and more.

The Moxtra Team

Provides seamlessly embeddable collaboration layers that provide messaging, documents and screen sharing with video conferencing custom to you.

eckLearning: German Project Management and e-Learning support for Opigno 

Full service PM and e-Learning in Germany and Switzerland to help organisations to learn faster and more efficiently.

Opigno uses BrowserStack to ensure optimal display across a large panel of web browsers.


Dutch Open Projects

Doornseweg 12
3832 RL Leusden - Netherlands

Interested in becoming an official Opigno integrator?

Two levels of partnership are offered:

  • Partner: sell and implement Opigno ; take advantage of our marketing actions, and of our trainings at special conditions ; use the official Partner logo
  • Certified Partner: be recognized as an Opigno specialist, trained and officialy certified by the Opigno development team ; participate in the roadmap definition and get the beta versions before their official publication ; receive training requests from customers located in your area ;  benefit from special discounts on custom developments subcontracted to our company ; use the official Certified Partner logo

Interested to join our partner network ? Contact us for more details.


Feel free to contact us with any questions,  or to discuss the benefits Opigno will bring to your project.

You will hear from us by the next business day.

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