A leading e-learning solution.

Built on learning.

For 12 years, we develop and constantly improve our Learning Management System that became one of the three Drupal-based most downloaded platform. Our dedicated consulting team is always happy to share their growing  experience in e-learning. With whom need it.

Built for organizations

Create independently or with our support, customize style and content, and implement an e-learning solution to meet all your training needs.

Built for employees

A solution that self-adapts to learners and their knowledge, by aligning training content according to profiles, professions, past results.

Thanks again for making it this easy trusting your services

Nicolai T.

IT Project manager at Westermann Digital

Opigno is the platform we use to educate athletes, coaches and medics on all things clean sport. We are pleased to see the next evolution of Opigno and its adaptations designed to better meet organizations needs. These new features will allow us to improve the learning experiences of those we are trying to educate.

Kangeun L.

Education Manager at World Anti Doping Agency

SPIE Oil & Gas Services is now using OPIGNO for more than a year for hosting its e-learning modules, and we are very satisfied with this solution. It’s simple, customizable and nice-looking. We mainly appreciate the flexibility it offers as the code is open and developed on a well known platform. Last but not least, Connect-i team is very friendly and reactive. We hope they’ll maintain their good job for improving this platform in the coming years.

Ludovic R.

QHSE Manager at SPIE Oil & Gas Services

What we offer.

Built on learning.

Solution Opigno LMS

Opigno LMS Solution

Our customizable e-learning platform.

  • Continually Updated & Developed
  • Innovative & Collaborative 
  • Open-source & Drupal-based
Opigno Consulting

Opigno Consulting

Support from our team of experts and consultants.

  • Customized & long-term consulting
  • A business-oriented & human-centric approach
  • Experts who are passionate about teaching

Our beliefs.

Built on learning.



We believe in transparency. Being clear about everything we do and say, from project stages to pricing.

Force du collectif

Collective power

We believe in the importance of teamwork and collaborative development for each of our clients and their own training projects, needs, and ambitions.

Innovant à juste valeur

Innovative at fair price

We are driven by a passion for innovation, but not just for innovation's sake. We release updates and new features that are truly useful for our clients.

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