Cloud vs. Self-Hosted LMS: Which One to Choose

What to expect regarding roll-out, maintenance, customizations, costs, and cybersecurity.
Why AI is Essential for E-Learning in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide - cover

Why AI is Essential for E-Learning in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

What AI tools are there, how do they change the e-learning landscape, and what pitfalls to expect?
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Gamified Learning: How to Use Gamification in Corporate Training to Tangibly Improve Results?

Learn how to make online learning more compelling and engaging with game mechanics.
Connect-i and Opigno LMS Anniversary

Connect-i and Opigno LMS Anniversary

Taking a look back at the Opigno adventure after 10 years of development and innovation
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The E-Learning Glossary. Part 2 (M – Z)

Here's the second and last part of our glossary of e-learning lingo.

Why Online Learners Drop Out, and How Do You Help Them Persist?

Here is what leads to learners' attrition, according to recent studies.
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The E-Learning Glossary. Part 1 (A – L)

Here you will find all the key terminology used in the e-learning world.

When and Why an Enterprise Should Switch to a Learning Management System?

Organizing employee training should never be more complex than the training itself.

Learn why the world’s largest FMCG pet food company chose Opigno.

The American pet food company selected Opigno.

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