Moxtra SDK Integration

Learning management systems (LMS’s) have made it easier than ever to deliver and manage training content and courses for all organizations. Most commonly used by multinational enterprises, government agencies, NGOs and educational institutions, including many others, too.

Learning and development departments have embraced LMS technologies to deliver blended learning to employees, especially during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. This is particularly true as people learn remotely, and the workforce is becoming increasingly distributed, uncertain and global.

A Learning Management system amplifies connectivity and learning flexibility that strengthens business continuity and internal communications. Training managers need a solution that will let them reach learners, whether they’re at their desk, working from home or on the go. A learning management system can help digitize your training program and make it more flexible.

A virtual environment can aid blended learning and in-house training. It should fit into your company culture.

Our Opigno LMS platform is a place to collaborate with and engage learners. Opigno LMS integrates with Moxtra out of the box and can be easily integrated with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and WebEx. We've extended these integrations for added flexibility so your organization can work your way.

Moxtra Integration is competitively priced, and for organizations that do not use Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WebEx, Moxtra might be an alternative solution. As you would expect, Moxtra offers virtual workspaces and delivering live video training. Moxtra contains many features that support your video conferencing.

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Moxtra Integration: What is Moxtra?

Moxtra offers flexibility and a suite of tools; text, voice, visual messaging, document sharing, annotative notes and other features. As expected, the video conferencing tool works on mobile devices so that you can catch that live meeting while on the go.

Moxtra Integration: Live meetings from your LMS

Access live meetings within the comfort of your learning management system. Learners appreciate the convenience of a single location for all their training materials and meetings.

At the same time, instructors get more granular control over creating and managing live training sessions with Moxtra. Users can access these tools on all devices, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Stay connected wherever you are, and never miss a meeting again.

Why do you need a collaborative learning management system?

Students learn in different ways. Some may prefer reading an assignment, some might learn best through a video lecture, and others may get knowledge most efficiently when discussing it with peers through a forum or messaging chat.

Opigno offers various features for this personalized learning experience. Giving students a range of options helps keep them actively immersed in their training and makes it easier for them to access remotely from mobile devices. Plus, a collaborative-centric learning management system supplies students with the necessary tools to collaborate on team-based projects or seek out advice.

At the same time, instructors need better features to deliver training and manage student learning. A collaborative learning management system gives them the tools they need to assess student progress, with a complete digital footprint of all their interactions, assignments, scores, and certificates.

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Published on: 08.17.2021
Author: Adam Kennedy-Ripon
Design: Simon Contreras