Opigno 2.0 (based on Drupal 8)

Opigno 2.0 has been completely redesigned in order to offer enhanced user experience and scalability.

Opigno 2.0 is based on Drupal 8, that brings several valuable benefits:

- long-term stability, avoiding complex upgrades from one major version to the next one

- enhanced scalability and customization capability, thanks to the underlying Symfony framework and the object-oriented design

This article lists the main improvements and new features compared to the Drupal 7 version of Opigno, as well as discontinued features.

How to create your online trainings with Opigno Learning Management System?

This article offers a simple overview of our main tools that allow you to create tailor-made online trainings for your learners and your training managers through one single solution.
First thing to know, almost everything is included out of the box with Opigno. Like the underlying Drupal technology, Opigno is Open Source (on the contrary to Proprietary solutions) and makes it easy to add everything you want and need to provide e-learning experiences without any other limits than your own imagination.

What's the best way to deploy a Learning Management System (LMS)

What's the best way to deploy a Learning Management System (LMS) within your company ? Whether it is the first time, or the replacement of an existing LMS.

Daily usage of internet, and rapid evolution of web technologies, in particular regarding interactions between users and information systems, are global trends initiated several year ago and that changed the way digital projects are managed by companies.

The Benefits of Combining Learning Management Systems (LMS) with a Learning Record Store (LRS)

We live in an open and diversified world where everybody has access to a rapidly rising amount of data. This makes it possible to deliver rich trainings based on diversified but complementary activities that raises the effectiveness and efficiency of training strategies. 

Swiss watchmaking and e-learning

Opigno is interested in e-learning in the watchmaking industry, an iconic field of Switzerland.
Even though the e-learning hasn’t completely been democratized in higher education, such as in banking or in the medical field, it is today more and more popular in various fields. E-learning has become an essential tool, which is not a simple online learning but can be combined with traditional training.

Rich training material for LMS with the H5P plugin

How to improve the interactivity of your training courses?
Opigno LMS will include in its following versions the H5P plugin. It’s a module that allows the easy creation of some interactive contents in order to enrich your training courses’ platform.
The aim of the e-Learning, just as Mooc, Cooc, Spocs and other new e-Learning platforms which integrate a lot the digital data in their training management, is to increase the success rate. 
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