• WCAG 2.0 compliance (level A)
  • Pure user interface design, completely customizable
  • Adaptive learning paths
  • Customizable dashboard for every user
  • Achievements page allowing to quickly get track of achievements
  • Take the trainings from desktop, mobile phone browser, mobile app, and resume where you left
  • Offer adaptive trainings that will adapt content for each user according to his/her previous achievements, profile, etc
  • Create engaging contents thanks to the great authoring tools
  • Use gamification with rewards and recreative quiz types
  • Mobile learning
  • Multilingual management
  • Fine-grained content management inside trainings, with courses, modules, and activities
  • Guided training creation wizard
  • Graphical learning path manager tool
  • Rich and powerful content authoring tool, allowing to create interactive and engaging contents
  • Reusable contents at all levels (activities, modules, courses)
  • Powerpoint import tool
  • Training catalogue with public/private trainings
  • Online training management (theory / quiz modules)
  • Intructor-led sessions management
  • Virtual classroom sessions management
  • Training prerequisites: make your students finish one training before getting access to the next one, or use entrance test for trainings
  • Share documents with training members
  • Duplication and export / import features 
  • Certification management: Automatic PDF certificates generation when successfully completing a training.
  • Periodic re-certification management
  • Integrate live meetings into your learning paths
  • Internal messaging tool
  • Forums inside trainings
  • Mobile application with push notifications
  • Flexible access control, based on roles.
  • Roles can be assigned at training level or at global level.
  • Default roles include: student, teacher, class' coach, content manager, user manager, and administrator.
  • Add as many as you want, using fine-grained control over what each role can do (or not) on the platform.
  • Developed according to highest corporate security standards
  • Private file system
  • Possibility of data encryption
  • Possibility to integrate 2 factor authentication (OTP, Google Authenticator)
  • E-commerce feature allowing to sell subscriptions to trainings
  • Possiblity to use all addons and payment gateways compliant with Drupal Commerce
  • Global dashboard
  • Training dashboards
  • User dashboards
  • Detailed history of attempts and scores per user for every module
  • Skills management
  • Search: Apache Solr
  • Authentication: LDAP (Active Directory), CAS, oAuth 2, and OpenID integration
  • SCORM: versions 1.2 and 2004
  • TinCan (xAPI)
  • H5P
  • Certified LRS: Learning Locker, Watershed

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