Release details


Opigno 3.1.0 (Drupal 9)


Compatible with Drupal core 9.5.x

Community feature:

  • Create communities dedicated to specific topics
  • Invite other users and have group discussions
  • Find other users' communities to join

Added possibility to navigate within previous activities in case of free navigation.

Possibility for users to review answers to modules previously done without retaking modules, and to manually restart modules.

Additional compatibility improvements for PHP 8.1

Improved full screen mode for trainings

Various fixes

  • Fixed the "service not found opigno_social.user_access_manager" issue.
  • Fixed the "user_selection/users times out; cannot select users for calendar event" issue.
  • Fixed issue with a student only seeing the first module and being unable to move to the next one.
  • Fixed the opigno_module_get_activities() duplicates OpignoModule::getModuleActivities() issue.
  • Updated our H5P Report to support the essay library.
  • Fixed issue with badge sharing not working in the social feed.
  • Fixed SCORM issue on bind commit.
  • Fixed unnecessary checks for contrib token module before using Drupal::tokenReplace().
  • Fixed issue with the progress block not showing on the training page.
  • Fixed some navigation issues in case of Live meeting, and ILT training not required.
  • Fixed issue with the Opigno calendar event Create button not respecting permissions.
  • Added Opigno taxonomy sorting.
  • Improved content translation capability.
  • Fixed issue with editing a module created by a user whose account has since been deleted.
  • Fixed issue with a SCORM package replacing other SCORM packages based on the file name.
  • Added security check of SCORM package contents for malicious files.
  • Fixed issue with Opigno commerce order (current user -> owner).
  • Fixed issue with H5P saving missing title not saving changes.
  • Fixed broken detailed responses for SCORM package user responses.
  • Fixed issue with sharing badge and default image being always used.
  • Fixed issue with Opigno backlink incorrectly working when generated from breadcrumbs.
  • Improved the messaging feature for group chats with a large number of users.
  • Fixed User warning: Invalid placeholder (!error) with string.
  • Added an error message in case video activity fails.
  • Added SCORM package capability to send answers for all attempts.
  • Added validation for min score in learning path manager to avoid inconsistencies.
  • Fixed issue with OpignoActivity getModules() method that broke Opigno functionality in specific cases.
  • Fixed issue with the Back button not being displayed during training.
  • Fixed accesses for a class manager.
  • Fixed warning of no validation date progress build of the achievements page.
  • Fixed issue with Opigno image style interfering with H5P.
  • Fixed issue with individual users being added to the Learning Path instead of the selected class.
  • Fixed issue with training duplicate feature resulting in duplicate file managed entries for the same file.
  • Fixed regression in completion calculation.
  • Various fixes for SCORM packages.
  • Added some missing translations and multilingual management improvements.
  • Fixed issue with a minimal score for mandatory steps not restricting access to the next step.
  • Added the check whether the SCORM package is correct during upload.
  • Fixed incorrect color for the Previous button in a training environment.
  • Fixed issue with Multi-SCORM and Runtime SCORM packages not working.
  • Fixed issue preventing selection of a skill to assign to an activity.
  • Added access control for the Notifications page.
  • Fixed inconsistent progress and status in some specific cases.
  • Fixed issue with some restarted pieces of training appearing in a catalog in both "In progress" and "Completed" categories.
  • Improved Opigno answers saving.
  • Fixed issue with some activities not listed in the activities interface.
  • Added link to training shared in a social feed.
  • Fixed issue preventing from adding existing activities from the module edit page.
  • Fixed display issue with the Post button appearing while sharing training in the social feed.