Versions update
- Drupal core 8.7.7
New features:
- Availability dates for a module should be within learning path context
- Added WYSIWYG in Certificate creation form
- Automatic analyzis of the consistency of SCORM package when loading it
Improvements and fixes:
- Performance improvements, in particupar when navigating inside a training
- Additional notifications are generated in case of new forum post
- New option to "score" ILT and Live Meeting from learning path manager
- Option for automatic grading in long answer question
- Fixed issue with score is not correctly retrieved for H5P videos
- Improvement of list of activities requiring manual scoring
- Added specific template for the preview of activities in learning path edition, avoiding blinking effect of default theme
- Fixed score calculation in case of module with random activities
- Setting private path is not mandatory any more to install Opigno tarball
- Display Content field in slides in case both a PDF file is loaded and the content field is used
- Fixed issue reseting the user's achievement when closing the browser's window at the end of a module
- Improvement of upgrade script from Opigno 1.x to 2.x
- Improved composer.json to avoid patching core leaving unwanted folders
- Ensure only verified members are included in messages
- Update for new group permissions cache context as per
- Fixed regression in skills system in case there are more than 1 level
- Fixed issue with "Add to cart" button not appearing for semi-private trainings with a price
- Fixed fatal error on answer form if there is no group context
- Updated group membership status view field handler to not assume it is dealing with a learning path
- Fixed twig template includes to allow overriding by sub theme
- Various small improvements for display, translations, etc.