Drupal core and contrib modules:
- Upgrade Drupal core to 8.6.10, as well as contrib modules
- Allow other modules to invoke actions upon deleting an Activity
- Allow Translating Users Email Content
- Fixed issue resulting in users from a class being not removed from learning path when class is removed
- Fixed issue resulting in users added to classes after class is registered to a training being not allowed to access this training
- Fixed autocomplete to add members to a class
- Fixed error in "My achievements" when clicking on "More details" for a module's results
- Clean-up calls to Search module in Platon theme
- Improved access control to activities
- Fixed errors on statistic page on fresh install
- Improved statistics display, in order respect same order for the steps as the one in learning path
- Added unit tests for classes features
- Improved resume feature in modules
- Make module's field "Name" required field
- Fixed fatal error when uploading some scorm package
- Fixed some e-commerce issues
- Additional minor improvements
Graphical theme:
- Change Group Training content from hardcoded values to use a template
- Create new theme area for footer in login page
- Fixed display of training catalogue for anonymous users
- Fixed issue resulting in learning path help box automatically reopening after being closed
- Improved Display of Messages pages