Versions updates
- Drupal core 8.9.2
- Updated all contrib modules to latest version
- Drupal commerce security update
- Group module security update

New features:
- Integration of new Moxtra API v6
- WCAG 2.0 compliance (level A)

Improvements and fixes:
- Several performance improvements: progress bar, Moxtra module, TinCan module
- Refactor all CRON tasks management in Opigno and implement queue for performance improvement
- Accessibility improvement for top right menu
- Fixed Color settings not applied everywhere
- Fixed too sentitive loader
- Use only font icons
- Fixed issue with "Back to training homepage" redirecting to wrong training when 2 trainings taken in 2 different browser tabs at same time
- In case of manually evaluated activity in a module, and several attempts of the user, improved the logics in order to block the user or not according to the module settings (best score / last score)
- Fixed issue preventing to add interactions in interactive videos
- Fixed issue preventing "drush si" to run to completion
- Fixed issue with full screen not working in some cases
- Fix issue with private messages in case of mono-lingual platform
- Fixed issue when new course is first step of a training
- Fixed recurring Notice: Undefined index: data in Drupal\opigno_scorm
- When navigating inside a training, keep left panel open after clicking on "Next"
- Improvements in class creation process
- Global content manager is now able to create wysiwyg certificates
- Calendar event - add possibility to translate "Start date" and "End date"
- Add possibility to extend accesses in groups
- Fixed bug with message about required trainings

After installing or upgrading, please make sure to have CRON task running every 5 minutes (please refer to our user manual for more details).