Opigno LMS 1.26:
Updated Opigno modules
Updated contrib modules
Updated Platon theme
Updated H5P libraries
Added patch for Quiz question browser
Added a patch for Homebox empty title

Opigno 1.18:
Added support for SCORM 1.2
Added multiple SCOs support

Opigno Quiz Import App 1.3:
Added the randomize choice to the import (column H)

Opigno Class App 1.6:
Changing class course rules
Making rule "class unsubription" more efficient
Making rule "user was granted a role" more efficient

Opigno Quiz App 1.16:
Fixed a bug with the display of quiz results with new Platon version
Ready for next Platon release

Opigno WYSIWYG Templates App 1.1:
Fixed the admin link

Opigno Statistics App 1.4:
Changed user statistics page for next Platon release
Changed the cache duration from 24h to 2h

Opigno Moxtra App 1.3:
Now the collaborative workspace is installed automatically when the user activate the module
Added recording list for live meetings

Opigno TinCan API 1.2:
Fixed a fatal error saying the class TinCan\Statement doesn't exist

Theme Platon 3.17:
Updated theme for my-achivements and user profile page
Fixed a bug when uploading an image for the frontpage