- Critical Security update of Drupal core.
- Now, a teacher cannot change the question order.
- Small bug fixes for very specific cases in the Opigno Class App.
- The sorted courses are now sorted as well in the class block.
- Fixed some bugs. Especially the fatal errors when trying to access the statistics of deleted courses, classes and users.
- Added the Webcam in the Opigno Moxtra App.
- Refactored the Learning Locker Stats App. It is renamed to Opigno TinCan API and is now compliant with Watershed LRS.
- Bug fixes for the Platon theme.
- Updated the Quiz module from RC1 to RC2.
- Updated the Quizfileupload module from 1.0 to 4.0+1. Mainly bug fixes.
- Big update, including security fixes, of the OG module from 2.7 to 2.9. Lot of improvements and bufixes.
- Updated the H5P module and library.
- Updated the Features module with security fixes.
- Updated the library PHPExcel.
- Updated the library CKEditor with security fixes.
- Updated the library DOMPDF with security fixes.
- Several contrib modules updated with their own bug fixes.

Fixed issues:
#2680143: [1.22] Opigno class app achievements
#2657430: [1.22] Statistics app install
#2630396: [1.22] Class Node/Group Page - Course listing not weighted
#2657496: [1.22] Opigno moxtra live meetings warning
#2657424: [1.22] Long answer question feedback
#2613148: [1.22] Quiz(Lesson) has not been score message
#2628034: [1.22] In lesson result's there is no user's name in the header
#2625756: [1.22] Class membership message is gender specific
#2618998: [1.22] TinCan improvements
#2593593: [1.22] User with Teacher role can't change questions order
#2651166: [1.22]I max_execution_time = 0 on Aegir Hosting System
#2664832: [1.22] Bug with messages display
#2719971: [1.22] Wysiwyg template not mysql 5.7 compliant
#2719951: [1.22] Guideme module not mysql 5.7 compliant
#2713165: Current version of DIstribution uses PDF 7.x-1.7 which no longer supports available versions of the pdf.js lib
#2709875: Manual scoring not precise for fileupload question type