The latest update of OPIGNO® 2.23 is here!


You asked, and we've listened. The latest update of OPIGNO®  has arrived and is available for free download - don't you just love open-source? 

After months of intoxicating development, thousands of caffeine top-ups, we're thrilled to announce OPIGNO® 2.23. The latest version delivers a compelling set of new innovative benefits and features. In addition, you can now download the latest release for free.

Let's dive right into it! If you get bored, feel free to doze off - but I'll try and keep it on-point.

Delivering a more personalized user experience. OPIGNO® 2.23 provides enhanced navigation and preserves learner's previous visual settings. So when your students navigate inside a training, the last setting used will be applied for future training. For example, a full-screen view will be loaded for other courses if selected for the previous activity. It's a small change but makes your life easier. 

Administrators can now add multiple users to a class in a straightforward step. We've added additional "social settings' that enable administrators to define which users can connect with each other for internal messages and calendar invites.

There is now an expanded option setting for adaptive pathways and an improved display for creating new member profiles directly from the learning path manager. In addition, we've added automatic message refreshing and amplified the detail of training reports.

OPIGNO® now fully supports multi-SCORM compatibility and scoring. Moreover, we enhanced the training section so you can easily import content. But, of course, we're not perfect; we fixed a bunch of annoying bugs that got under your skin. As a result, managers and learners enjoy a more polished user experience. In addition, improvements to the authoring tools, managing author content has never been more straightforward. You can now get finer control over user roles and social settings. And create adaptive learning pathways with more flexibility. In addition, the latest version allows you to pull better insights out of more detailed training data.

We've also updated OPIGNO® for Composer 2.0. Not to get all technical on you, but system administrators will love this to help them efficiently manage and update complex stuff. And, of course, we're getting you ready and closer to switch to Drupal 9. We all know it's an eventual task we need to do. So we've made several changes to make the system closer to the final version of Drupal 9 to make the future transition more manageable. Yep, we've got you covered! 

It's been a long journey, but we're thrilled that OPIGNO® 2.23 is now available to the public. Book a demo to see the new features from one of our customer success specialists. 





Author: Adam Kennedy-Ripon

Design: Simon Contreras

June 4, 2021