Connect-i and Opigno LMS Anniversary

This year, we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Connect-i company and the 10th anniversary of Opigno LMS.

Connect-i’s story started in February 2008 with the ambition to develop innovative web solutions that bring something new and different to the market. Some large companies quickly trusted our services, and we started even more projects. Some of them were successful, and some were not, but they all made us stronger and our processes sharper, allowing us to learn and grow as a team and a company.

Innovation was always part of our roots, we wanted to create solutions that make a real difference on top of bringing business value, and soon we decided to put our skills into educational technologies.

Learning is an essential aspect of the life of people, communities, and companies. This is what drives the growth and betterment of humankind. From our fascination with learning, the first version of Opigno was born in 2013, after two years of development. Opigno quickly became successful and was entrusted by large organizations worldwide, allowing our company to start operating at the international level.

Then two more product versions came out, completely redesigned for better user experience, with more efficient course creation and management tools, adaptive learning support, and social features, and adapted for mobile. As a result, Opigno LMS became one of the most used Drupal distributions and won Drupal’s 2019 International Splash Award in the Education category.

Evolution of opigno interfaces

And to celebrate our anniversary, in 2023, we will launch a new major release of Opigno that will push the limits even further.

We will also launch Opigno Enterprise, a new cloud version of our LMS with enhanced security and features built for the most demanding organizations.

During these 15 years, the web, education, and our product have changed a lot, but not our motivation, innovation spirit, and core principles:

  • Ensure customer success.

  • Bring solutions to every problem.

  • Always deliver real value.

And we intend to continue innovating and globalizing our services, accompany our clients for all their digital challenges, be their unique point of contact, implement the best solutions, and provide them with even better performance and quality. 

I warmly thank all our team members and everyone who has ever put their hand in creating Opigno for their commitment and outstanding work. I also want to express my sincere gratitude to our customers for their trust in Opigno and our services. I’m particularly proud that some of our customers who started collaborating with us at the beginning of our company 15 years ago are still our partners.

The adventure is just starting. Stay tuned!

Axel Minck, Founder & CEO


Opigno Timeline

Published on February 07, 2023