Leverage the power of our all-in-one open-source LMS

A building block for our development services is Opigno LMS – a Drupal-based learning management system for enterprises and medium-to-large organizations we have been developing for the past decade. It is a fully-fledged e-learning platform – flexible, customizable, and open-source.

Opigno LMS has all the tools necessary to build and manage a full-scale corporate academy. In one platform, you can:

  • Create interactive learning courses and build catalogs of training content.
    • WCAG 2.0 AA compliance, SCORM 1.2 and 2004, TinCan (xAPI), H5P
  • Assemble and assign personalized courses.
  • Facilitate social learning through a built-in social network.
  • Customize and coordinate user roles, user permissions, groups, etc.
  • Track learners’ progress and gather their feedback to measure training effectiveness.

Book a 30-minute call with our experts to learn what Opigno can offer your organization, or play around in our demo platform to get a feel of its main functionality.

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We can design, build, and maintain your custom-tailored LMS...

We know that an ideal LMS is unique to every organization, and it takes a lot of resources and expertise to make it a reality. Luckily, we have both. Leverage our experience of over 200k Opigno development hours to create your ideal e-learning platform.


Conceptualization of a custom LMS

We turn your vision into an implementation strategy.

Lay the groundwork for the utmost learning experience over several workshop sessions where we design the best LMS architecture, functionalities, UX/UI, and user journey practices.


Custom LMS

Our team can transform the open-source LMS into a one-of-a-kind platform.

Implement your brand identity and custom features, ensure highest accessibility standards, integrate your LMS with any other system, or migrate from an existing LMS to Opigno.


Collaborative content creation

We make instructional design look fast and easy.

Leverage our UX/UI experts to create flexible, accessible, and interactive learning content that is infused with your corporate identity, culture, frequency, and formats of training.

… Or we can assist you on every step of your journey with our out-of-the-box solution

Our experts will help you maximize Opigno LMS potential and save your time and resources in doing so. Focus on building your best learning experience while we take care of all the tedious technical aspects:


On-demand access to a technical support

Support package provides access to a development team of Opigno experts.

LMS integration and custom development, troubleshooting, technical consulting, and version update – entrust this matter to professionals who know how to work with Opigno better than anyone.


Regular maintenance and security checks

Opigno maintenance team ensures your LMS is updated, fast, and secure.

Invest in ultimate convenience and a secure, compliant, and fast LMS with regular monitoring, maintenance, and exclusive updates for your LMS from Opigno developers.


Security audit by certified ethical hackers

Our security engineers stand guard over your LMS safety.

Identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks before criminals cause you harm with our threat assessment and penetration testing of the LMS, its components, custom code, and external integrations.

Thanks again for making it this easy trusting your services

Nicolai T.

IT Project manager at Westermann Digital

Opigno is the platform we use to educate athletes, coaches and medics on all things clean sport. We are pleased to see the next evolution of Opigno and its adaptations designed to better meet organizations needs. These new features will allow us to improve the learning experiences of those we are trying to educate.

Kangeun L.

Education Manager at World Anti Doping Agency

SPIE Oil & Gas Services is now using OPIGNO for more than a year for hosting its e-learning modules, and we are very satisfied with this solution. It’s simple, customizable and nice-looking. We mainly appreciate the flexibility it offers as the code is open and developed on a well known platform. Last but not least, Connect-i team is very friendly and reactive. We hope they’ll maintain their good job for improving this platform in the coming years.

Ludovic R.

QHSE Manager at SPIE Oil & Gas Services

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Over the decade, we have worked with many clients of all sizes across all industry sectors, and can easily make your vision of LMS a success story.

Book a call with our experts to learn how Opigno can benefit your organization.

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