Overcoming onboarding and employee experience challenges with an LMS

Does your organization have a standardized onboarding process for new employees? New hires are 82% more likely to remain at a job for up to three years when they’ve gone through a strong onboarding program, yet many organizations still deal with employee onboarding challenges that threaten to create employee churn and reduce retention rates. 

The good news is that if you have the right learning management system (LMS), it can help you overcome your onboarding and employee experience challenges in order to create user-friendly training programs that support new hires, get them up to speed quickly, and remove the biggest obstacles to employee retention.

Onboarding challenge #1: Presenting overwhelming amounts of information 

It can be easy for new employees to feel lost when they first come into a new job. With so much to learn about job training and company culture, new hires can have trouble finding the relevant information they need to get working quickly.

An LMS makes it easier to present all the information to new hires in a simpler way. Create mini onboarding training programs that present exactly what a new hire needs to know about certain topics, as well as a quick overview of “just in time” knowledge they may need to access in the moment.

Onboarding challenge #2: Imparting your company’s culture

Another crucial part of the employee onboarding process is helping new team members understand your company’s culture. Learning management systems are a powerful way to provide onboarding content about culture and help new hires learn what is expected of them. 

Create a course about your organization’s culture and values, as well as knowledge about compliance, processes, and other onboarding resources learners will need for success in your workforce.

Onboarding challenge #3: Personalizing the onboarding process

Not every role will benefit from the same onboarding program, yet creating a unique employee onboarding program for every new hire is time-consuming. An LMS is a user-friendly way to present onboarding content that’s personalized to a range of new hires. 

Create adaptive learning paths in your online learning platform that provide a unique onboarding experience to new hires based on their role, prior experience, test results, and other knowledge.

Onboarding challenge #4: Connecting new hires with other employees 

One of the biggest employee onboarding challenges is making the new hire a productive member of the team as quickly as possible. Use your training software to create opportunities for new employees to connect with other team members, such as group forums, chats, social newsfeed, social networking, collaborative projects, is a great way to optimize employee onboarding.

This social learning is also a good way to help employees feel connected during the onboarding process.

Onboarding challenge #5: Remote onboarding

More new employees than ever are being onboarded remotely as a result of the pandemic and a global shift towards a remote or hybrid workforce. A good learning management system can help enable your remote onboarding program by making it simple to deliver standardized training online — whether via desktops or mobile devices. 

Digitizing your employee training program meets onboarding challenges by allowing you to deliver your onboarding program anywhere in the world, staying up to date with hiring trends and providing new hires with the knowledge they need to succeed, no matter where they’re working.

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Author: Adam Kennedy-Ripon

Design: Simon Contreras