Success Plans Conditions

Revision: November 2023


Opigno Success Plans are a subscription support offering that includes access to exclusive resources that help customers use and get best possible results from their Opigno platform.

The Pro Success Plan, and if purchased, the applicable Business Success Plan or Corporate Success Plan, will be provided to Customer’s Users in accordance with the description outlined in this document.

A Success Plan is specific to an Opigno “Instance”, that is identified with a specific URL.

Customer is responsible for evaluating any advice or guidance received from Connect-i as part of a  Success Plan and for implementing any such advice and guidance.

Success Plans are agreed for an initial Term of one year. Agreement shall renew at the end of the initial Term and shall thereafter continue for successive annual periods (“Period”) except if canceled in a written way (email possible) at least one month before the end of current Term.

Contacting support

Customers wanting to reach Opigno Support have to create a ticket on the online support platform available at the URL that was provided to them.

Customers with a Business or Corporate Success Plan can additionally reach out to their dedicated Success Manager by email.

Customers with Corporate Success Plan will be also provided a Slack channel making possible to interact with their dedicated Account Manager and an Opigno technical expert.

Designated contacts (business and corporate success plans)

“Designated Contacts” are Users Customer identifies as primary liaisons between Customer and Connect-i for technical support. Customer shall identify and maintain at least one (1) Designated Contact. Customer shall notify Connect-i whenever Designated Contact responsibilities are transferred to another User. Customer’s Designated Contacts shall be responsible for: (i) overseeing Customer’s support case activity, (ii) developing and deploying troubleshooting processes within Customer’s organization, (iii) resolving password reset, username and lockout issues for Customer, (iv) requesting consultancy meetings (Business and Corporate Success Plans).

Customer shall ensure that Designated Contacts are (i) knowledgeable about the features available on Customer’s Opigno platform in order to help resolve, and to assist Connect-i in analyzing and resolving technical issues, and (ii) have a basic understanding of any problem that is the subject of a case, and the ability to reproduce the problem in order to assist Connect-i in diagnosing and triaging it.

Severity levels

Initial Response Tier


Function cannot be used and causes a critical impact on the operations of final users when running a task; no alternative is available, or data corruption is occurring; website is down, unreachable, or performance has degraded to the point where the customer's primary business operations are severely impaired; or other issues defined as critical at Connect-i's sole discretion.

3 days

Business Hours

1 day

Business Hours

4 hours

Business Hours


Function can be used with severe restrictions for more than 20% of users. A manual intervention or palliative procedure may be necessary.


3 days

Business Hours

8 hours

Business Hours


The function can be used with mild restrictions. Not critical to carry out tasks.




24 hours

Business Hours


Little impact on running a task; spelling mistakes; screen browsing or other viewing problems.




48 hours

Business Hours

The service is provided during business working hours, Monday-Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM CET/CEST.

Reproducing errors

Connect-i must be able to reproduce errors in order to resolve them. Customer agrees to cooperate and work closely with Connect-i to reproduce errors, including conducting diagnostic or troubleshooting activities as requested and appropriate. Also, subject to Customer's approval on a case-by-case basis, Users may be asked to provide remote access to their Opigno platform for troubleshooting purposes.

Bugs that cannot be reproduced on a standard Opigno platform hosted on officially supported infrastructure won’t be considered.

Supported infrastructure: Linux, MySQL, Apache/Nginx.

Success plan entitlements

Expert Coaching Sessions (Business and Corporate Success Plans)

Expert Coaching sessions are interactive, outcome-based engagements with specialized resources that provide best-practice guidance and recommendations mapped to various stages of the customer lifecycle including; onboarding, implementation, optimization, and administration. These coaching sessions are available in a variety of formats including live, interactive sessions. Customers with Business Success Plans may benefit from up to two (2) hours of individual Expert Coaching session per month and per Success Plan. For Customers with Corporate Success Plans the number of monthly hours will be defined with each Customer according to each specific agreement. Hours not used during one month cannot be reported to the next months.

Dedicated Success Manager (Business and Corporate Plans)

A dedicated Success Manager will be designated for Customers with Business and Corporate Success Plans. This Success Manager will be in charge of making the interface between the Customer and the Opigno team. The Success Manager coverage will be provided during business hours in the Customer’s primary region. The Success Manager will engage with Customer to mutually agree on a Support engagement plan including activity prioritization and timelines. Success Manager activity areas may include: support case and critical incident management, support case escalation and resolution, root cause analysis communication, technical health reviews, technical performance, technical release support, feature usability. The engineers will manage Customer’s support cases, in addition to other support-related activities outlined below.

Exclusive features

Customer acknowledges that some features exclusively reserved for certain customers of Connect-i (hereinafter “Exclusive Features”) have been made available to them, and that it has been agreed that these features will be used exclusively for one (1) Opigno platform related to the Success Plan that was purchased, including the dev, stage, test  and production instances possibly linked to this Opigno platform. The Customer is authorized by Connect-i to use these Exclusive Features on the previously mentioned environments, without time limit.

The Customer acknowledges that these Exclusive Features cannot be deployed on other Opigno environments or platforms than those previously listed without the explicit written agreement of Connect-i.

The Customer also undertakes to ensure compliance with the same conditions by all persons or entities having access to its servers and to the code related to these Exclusive Features.

Any violation of these conditions will immediately result in the cessation of all services provided by Connect-i to the Customer, and the termination of all agreements in force between Connect-i and the Customer, without compensation whatsoever for the Customer, nor reimbursement of any remaining services. Connect-i also reserves the right to request compensation for damage suffered for the unauthorized disclosure of the source code relating to the Exclusive Features.

Direct audits on your Opigno platform (Corporate Support Plan)

Corporate Customers facing some technical issues may receive upon request some additional assistance from one of Opigno experts directly connecting to their Opigno server (remotely) in order to assist for direct diagnosis and issue fixing.

Additionally, and upon request, Customer will be entitled to one (1) technical health review per year, per instance. This review may include topics such as: coding and security best practices, error rate trends, and performance optimization insights & recommendations.

Upon request, Opigno Support Engineers will be made available to help support a Customer’s Opigno deployment activity. Customer is entitled to support for one (1) deployment per month, per instance. In such case the Customer should notify their Success Manager at least seven (7) business days prior to the deployment activity. Customer must provide details of the technical scope and timing of the deployment to ensure Support has appropriate context. As part of deployment support, a Support Engineer will be assigned to the case in advance of the activity, and will monitor the deployment activity and help troubleshoot issues that might result in deployment failure.

Priority access to new releases (Business and Corporate Support Plan)

Business and Corporate Customers will be given priority access to new Opigno releases, to help Customer identify impacts and prepare for any future changes that may be required to their environment(s). These new releases (including both their features and the source code) have to be managed as strictly confidential by Customers, until they are officially released by Connect-i, and should not be disclosed by Customers to other parties except if explicitly authorized by Connect-i. The Customer also undertakes to ensure compliance with the same conditions by all persons or entities having access to its servers. The conditions related to Exclusive Features apply in any case, even after new releases have been made official by Connect-i.

Hours for custom developments

All support plans provide the possibility to have some custom developments done by our team for your Opigno platform. These hours can be used for requirement analysis (prerequisite to any development), development, testing (mandatory with any development).

Customer should submit a request for development to Connect-i. After analyzing this request and the requirements, Connect-i will provide feedback to the Customer. Only requests for developments involving more than 8 hours (including analysis, development, testing) will be considered. In case of request involving less than 8 hours, Customer will be invited to group it with additional requests for development so that the total amount for more than 8 hours of work.

If Connect-i considers that the remaining hours will not be sufficient in order to implement the requirements asked by the Customer, Connect-i will offer the Customer to purchase additional hours that would be necessary to complete the developments, and will decline this request for developments from the Customer in case the Customer don’t purchase these additional necessary hours.

Hours that have not been used during the initial Term of during the renewal Periods will not be cumulated or transferred to another Period of this Agreement. Hours not used when Termination of the Agreement occurs won’t be reimbursed to Customer.

Additional details


Success Plans do not include any of the following:

●        Creation or support for creation or testing of custom code, including SQL queries (except Business and Corporate plans);

●        Issues and questions related to the hosting by the Customer or customizations done by the Customer;

●        Support for content creation;

●        First level support for Customer User (for example assistance with Opigno password resets, lockouts due to incorrect login attempts);

●        Assistance with non-Opigno products, services or technologies, including implementation, administration or use of third-party enabling technologies such as databases, computer networks or communications systems.

Success Plan Materials

Any materials provided by Connect-i to Customer as part of a Success Plan are the confidential information of Connect-i and may not be copied, disclosed or distributed to anyone other than Customers' Users entitled to receive the applicable Success Plan. Connect-i retains ownership of all intellectual property rights in the materials and reserves all rights in the materials not expressly granted to the Customer.

Changes to Success Plans

Connect-i may modify Success Plans from time to time, provided the level of service under the plans will not materially decrease during a subscription term.