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Cart quantity restricted to one per item.

Hi all, While building my site with Opigno and Drupal, I came across a bizarre (at least to me) bit of coding. The Opigno Commerce module programmatically restricts the quantity per item to just one in the shopping cart. Here's the code (lines 319 to 321 of opigno_commerce.module) // Restrict quantity to 1. $form['edit_quantity'][$row->index]['#min'] = 1; $form['edit_quantity'][$row->index]['#max'] = 1; I have a shopping cart made with Commerce Cart Flyout which allows users to select any quantity.

Backdrop CMS

I know that Drupal 7 got another year added to its life yesterday but I've been curious lately if there is any interest in keeping the D7 version of Opigno running by porting it to Backdrop?

Scorm results

We have a scorm course which allows the user to retry if they don't meet the passing score. When the users retries, on completion Opigno shows the both sets of user answers on the result page. The first incorrect set and the retry set. Eg. if there a 4 questions in the scorm quiz, Opigno will display 8 questions with right/wrong answers. How do I get opigno to show the correct set of results.