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Edit Login Page


Dear Forum,

how can I edit the login page for anonymous user?

I will change the text and a wrong field, which shows "UNREAD NOTIFICATIONS".

I appreciate your help.

Best regards from Germany

Update from 3.0.0 to 3.0.2


Hi there.

I tried to run composer update but it did not update the core which is still at 9.2.4 and commerce core that is at 2.20 when 2.30 is the suggested version (2.27 security update).

Also a few other modules did not update (not part of the opigno distribution I think).

What does it need to be done to get Drupal core updated?

Thanks in advance :)

MFA / TFA / 2FA - Login Page Issue


Hi There

This has been brought up previously, but no answers provided. Have implemented ga_Login, etc and have the process of actually setting up the MFA as a user working (provides the QR Code, etc).

However when logging back in: - User types in Username and Password (and clicks login) - Screen flashes and just shows blank fields again

Its as if something is not allowing the MFA page to come up to allow the user to enter a code. Basically just automatically rejecting the login.

The module opigno_lms does not exist.


Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 upgrade Composer.json - "opigno/opigno_lms": "^3.0"

  • Error: The module opigno_lms does not exist.

  • All dependent modules are showing like: opigno_learning_path, opigno_like, and opigno_calander.

  • We are seeing the opigno_lms is showing in docroot/profile/contrib/opigno_lms folder.

Question: Could it be that the path in the database, is still pointing to docroot/modules/contrib/ folder.

Bug? - Tabs missing


1 - admin/people >> user profiles: No tabs are displayed for User Admin (Aristotle only >> they display correctly in Seven). BUT, if you go to the URL of a tab, e.g. /user/id/nameof_profile, the proper page is rendered in aristotle theme. in other words, where's the tabs? this blocks role-based profile admin. 2 - admin/content: tabs display in aristotle for the admin role only. Non-admins see an (ugly/non-intuitive) unformatted list of links, should be tabs.