Questions about installing Opigno, using its features, etc.

3.0 Dashboard Blocks


I can create/add blocks to the dashboard, but the page does not apply any block theming like the opigno-added blocks so they look completely out of place. Do we actually have to build this? Bug? Missing something?

Confituration PDF.js and Learning Path appearing without any permission enabled


Hi. We have the need to allow a role to access only the configuration of the module Metatag but as soon as we grant "Use the administration pages and help" the Config > Media > PDF.js and the Config > Opigno > Learning Path get granted access too. Is it possible to have specific permissions for those modules? Thanks!

Update from 3.0.0-beta2 to 3.0.0



We've been developing using the beta2 version for a while and just updated to the stable 3.0.0.

I see, though, that Drupal core is at 9.2.4 whereas the Reports > Status page recommends 9.2.7 as per current Drupal recommended Core.

Also, the modules Entity Embed, Entity Print, Group and Token Filter are marked for needing an update, especially Entity Embed for which a security alert is issued.

Installation errors and now H5P error after installation


I had issues after installing where I'd get a timeout error:

Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in web/modules/contrib/h5p/vendor/h5p/h5p-core/h5p.classes.php on line 909

I upped the max_time variable in my php.ini to 300, then higher, but still had the error, so I had to changed line 909 of

to this: $fileStream = ''; //$zip->getStream($fileName);

That let the site load, but now every page displays the error following message: Unable to read file from the package: H5PEditor.RangeList-1.0/library.json

migration from 2.28


Can anyone tell me what the right procedure is to migrate an on-line Opigno 2.28 site to Drupal 3.0? I tought there would be an "automatic" migration option in the latest version of Opigno 2 ... but maybe that is wishfull thinking? Thnx

3.0 Dashboard Bug


Do not want users editing dashboard. If remove permission for Access to Dashboard Management from a role, e.g. Authenticated User (enable for other roles) then the user's dashboard does not render: white space with "loading deashboard..."

install error with 3.0.0-rc1

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  • Installing drupal/console-extend-plugin (0.9.5): Extracting archive PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare class Drupal\Console\Composer\Plugin\ExtenderManager, because the name is already in use in /www/wwwroot/ on line 8 -bash: use: command not found