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I need help with creating a new type of activity

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Hello everyone my name is Liever, I am Colombia and i have a problem with opigno, I'm going to write it in Spanish.

Empece a trabajar hace 2 semanas con el LMS Opigno, vengo de desarrollar en drupal y muchas cosas ya las conozco, tengo un problema cuando utilizo en un modulo para un entrenamiento un tipo de actividad que cree aqui: /admin/structure/opigno_activity_type. Me sale el siguiente error en el resent log messages, quisiera saber si alguien me puede dar alguna explicación, así sea en ingles, estaría muy agradecido.

Question about statistics


In the /statistics/training/* section, students ' results are displayed one step less. For example, 3 training modules were made, and the result is displayed for 2. the Data can be updated if you ask students to go to the detail /module/* / result of all training modules list of this training, then the statistics starts showing the full result. But students forget to do this, and teachers give intermediate grades based on incorrect data. Please tell me how to solve this issue?

private messages stopped being created


Good afternoon, when I try to create a message even with administrator rights, I get the error:

/private_message/create Page not found

This message was received after updating the system to Opigno version 8.x-2.15 Everything used to work.

In rights:

Opigno Messaging Message anyone regardless of groups Message to all groups

. +

Please tell me how to fix the situation? Thanks

Live meeting invite button not working

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When we have made a collab workspace and from there start a live meeting with moxtra we have the following issue:

The invite button/link does not work !. (both in chrome and in firefox)

However if i copy the meeting link and open that in a new tab and join the meeting from that tab the invite button/link works (again in both browers)

Is this a known issue ?