Which version of video.js should I put in libraries

I got a error message from status report as below: Video.js Not found Missing the Video.js library. Please download Video.js(http://videojs.com/) and extract it into the sites/all/libraries/video-js directory. I go to http://videojs.com as guide, and download the https://github.com/videojs/video.js/archive/master.zip, versiion v5.8.5 I extract the zip and put it under /sites/all/libraries/video-js but the error is still there. Should I download the previous version? Which one should I download? Please help to give me the download link, thank you. The ls of video-js is as below: bower.json contrib.json lang sandbox build CONTRIBUTING.md LICENSE src CHANGELOG.md docs package.json test component.json Gruntfile.js PULL_REQUEST_TEMPLATE.md composer.json ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md README.md



You should make sure that `sites/all/libraries/video-js/video.js` exists (I don't see it in the result of your ls)

Try version 4 of video.js, for example: