update to Drupal 9

Will Opigno be updated to Drupal 9 automatically?/

Hi Viragom,

Hi Viragom,

There will be a Drupal 9 version, we are working on it.

You will be able to upgrade very easily if you are using the latest Drupal 8 version.


Update to Drupal version 9

Yes, that's what I wanted to know, I saw a Drupal 9 version is announced for August, but the update process worried me. Now I know I can upgrade easily. Thnx!
Daniel CSE

When is the expected release of the Drupal 9 version?

Hello, I read in great anticipation some time ago that Drupal 9 version was to be released in August. When is the planned release?

Hi Daniel,

Hi Daniel,

As Axel informed, moving from drupal 8 to drupal 9 will be possible with a simple update similar to a minor version update of drupal 8.

The Opigno code is drupal 9 ready and 90% of the contrib modules used with the distribution are as well. We are waiting / working with the contrib modules maintainers to wrap up the very few contrib dependencies remaining.

Anyway there is no reason to be waiting for drupal 9 to start an Opigno project. Moving from d8 to d9 will be nothing like it was from d7 to d8. Even for custom themes, there are very few Twig changes necessary. Also creating custom modules that are both drupal 8 and drupal 9 compliant is as easy as making sure there is no depricated code. The full deprecation list was finalized in Drupal 8.8.0.


Best regards


Problem with download certificate

Hi, I have a question: When I want to Download certificate I have the following error: The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later. What can I do to fix it? Can you help me, please?