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Hi, I have an issue with questions of the type 'slide'. Since a slide is only theory and no question there is no way to get any score. Now I want my lesson to have a 100% pass rate, but with (for example) 9 questions and 1 slide it is only possible to get a 90% score. Is there any way to configure my slides so they will give a 100% score if a Student has read (or accessed) the slide? Many thanks! Bryan



I just tested and only the quiz questions are considered to calculate the score.

So if you have 9 questions and 1 slide, if the student perfectly answers the 9 questions, he should get a 100% score.

Could you maybe go into the "manage questions" tab for this lessons, check "auto update max score" for all your questions, and click submit, to force a recalculation of the max score?

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Oh I'm sorry, my head was

Oh I'm sorry, my head was full of other things when I wrote this question. Ah yes you are true. I tested it and it seems I did something wrong while setting up the lesson. In another lesseon everything is OK. But now another issue: What if I have a lesson with only slides? On the 'My Achievements' page, the student will see one lesson with 0% score, even if he/she has followed it. Also the total course score can't get to the 100%.

You're right, if you define a

You're right, if you define a purely theoretical as required for the course validation, then the global score for the course will never be 100% even if the user makes everything correct.

This won't impact the validation conditions since each lesson is considered independently, and not the global score to the course.

Note that if you don't define this purely theoretical lesson as requied for the course validation, it won't appear on My Achievement page.

We take note of this very interesting feedback, we will try to fix it in a future release, in order to have theoretical lessons to 100% and not 0%.



Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to the release!

Theory lessons

I'm just learning Opigno. For my purposes it would be excellent if only: 1)theory lessons did not show scores and pass rates, and 2) additional content types, especially Interactive Content, could be included in theory lessons. I'm trying to set up pages or views that hide scores and pass rates, but of course that is incredibly complex. If there is a possibility these features will be available in the future, I would love to know that.