[solved] Strange background CSS issue

Take a look at the following screen shot: http://thirdphasecomputing.com/screenshots/opigno-css.png As you can see there isn't any content to push the back ground color down so you end up seeing other back ground colors and it just looks akward. Not really sure why that darker grey color extends beyond the navigation links either. This really isn't a problem with pages with full content but on the rare occasion where there isn't enough content this does appear. I tired figuring it out myself but tired of getting nowhere, any suggestions would be helpful.

Did you add menu items to the

Did you add menu items to the left ? It's the only way I see that this would appear. That background is a trick to get the 3 color layout we have, while keeping a fluid site width. The right column has a minimum height, set to 470px. This is the height of the left menu by default. To increase it, just insert this CSS somewhere (or edit the `styles.css` file from Platon and edit around line 1300): #second-sidebar { min-height: 600px /* Or whatever value you require */ }

I'll play around with that

I'll play around with that setting. It isn't a huge deal just one of those minor annoyances when dealing with pages without a lot of content.