[solved] Access Denied

Is it normal to have Access denied You are not authorized to access this page. when you are on the home page and not yet logged in?
James Aparicio

Hi foafdesigns,

Hi foafdesigns, Yes, its normal. Homebox is the default frontpage and it requires the user to to be loged in. You can change it if you just go to Administration -> Appearance -> Manage display settings -> Homepage settings. We are considering by default, when installing the distribution, activating this option and set the text as instructions on how to change it. Best regards

Thanks James!

Thanks James!

I also found Access Denied

I also found Access Denied when trying to add Forum from the Opigno Apps section using version 1.3. It looks like it is already installed and enabled but showing up as available in the Apps area.

Is it possible to give

Is it possible to give Homebox permissions to anonymous or to create a different Homebox for anonymous. I've been trying to come up with a good alternative for the homepage for anonymous users.
James Aparicio

Hi jlrobinson,

Hi jlrobinson, Yes it is possible to create a different homebox and change its permissions. "Structure-> Homebox" Best regards

Access Denied-While Adding Apps

Hi, When I try to install new Apps (which are not installed and enabled by opigno installation) it first downloads some modules then shows an access denied page. I tried on both local server and VPS and I'm using opigno 1.4


Hi Please check that Apache user has write access to your sites/all/modules directory (and sub-directories), I'm pretty sure it's an access right problem. Best regards