SimpleTest fails on a vanilla Opigno installation

The CtoolsPluginsGetInfoTestCase test fails on a vanilla Opigno install, but it should pass. To recreate, install Opigno, enable the simpletest module, and run the following with drush: $ drush test-run CtoolsPluginsGetInfoTestCase On a vanilla drupal installation, the test looks as follows: $ drush test-run CtoolsPluginsGetInfoTestCase Starting test CtoolsPluginsGetInfoTestCase. [ok] Get plugin info 15 passes, 0 fails, and 0 exceptions [ok] No leftover tables to remove. [status] No temporary directories to remove. [status] Removed 1 test result. [status] Group Class Name But on Opigno, the test fails. More details to (hopefully) follow, since the rest of my post triggered Mollom's spam filter.