SCORM tracking data - database tables

Good Morning all, since I have recently discovered Opigno, I wanted give it a try, though after I made a brand new installation on my dev server I immediately started to create a lesson and uploaded a SCORM package to test Opigno's features and customization. The question of the day is, what are the tables where Opigno write the tracking of the SCORM package? I found these that are obviously the perfect candidates: opigno_scorm_packages opigno_scorm_package_scos opigno_scorm_package_sco_attributes opigno_scorm_quiz_user_results opigno_scorm_scorm_cmi_data opigno_scorm_sco_cmi_data As far as I can recognize in my personal experience with other LMS, it looks like one betwenn opigno_scorm_package_scos, opigno_scorm_scorm_cmi_data ** and ** opigno_scorm_sco_cmi_data can be table where SCORM stores results like cmi.suspend_data, x.start.time. cmi.core.lesson_status and so on... Am I guessing correctly? Where eventually can I get more info about the correct setting in order to run a SCORM in window mode? Kind regards and thank for you patience, Good sunday Christian