Scorm package and lesson result

Hello ! Maybe it's a problem with my parameters but can't find the solution... I have a Scorm package as a question in my lesson. My scorm contains only theory slides. I would like my lesson to be passed successfully only when all the slides of the scorm package have been seen by the user. I have tried to define the success level of the lesson to 0% and max score of the question to 0, but if I left the question before end, the score is 100% and the lesson is passed. If I define the success level to 100% and max score of the lesson to 0, it is the same... Does anybody know what would be the good parameters ? Many thanks for help ! Hello ! Not sure that it is the better way but I have found a solution to my problem. I have add the question "Ready to continu ?" at the end of my scorm package and the user can only choose "Yes". If the user see all the slides and answer "yes" to the question, he gets the points and finish the lesson. If he don't see all the slides, he don't answer to the question and don't get the points... Hope this could help !
James Aparicio

Hi Christinell,

Hi Christinell,

You have to check if the scorm package is correctly configured and is setting cmi.completion_status. Opigno checks for this value. If the scorm package is sending this value and not a specific score Opigno will score the 100% for the question. You can use console feature in the browser to check if the scorm package is setting it or not. You can see all get and set requests from the scorm package in the browser console.

If you set the score for that question  as 0, the users will always get the same score, even if they have not finished viewed it to the end. 0/0 


Javascript to check 'Next' button with SCORM Package

Here is the Javascript to disable the 'Next' button on a SCORM package in Opigno. The SCORM Package was created in Articulate and imported. The Javascript checks to see if the DIV in the SCORM Package is set to 100%. The value in the DIV is controlled by the SCORM Package. The DIV in the Articulate Course is called: progress-bar__percentage-bottom This DIV could be updated for other HTML elements on the SCORM Package. Full solution would be to update javascript to use: cmi.completion_status and/or cmi.core.lesson_status. Please post your Javascript code if you manage to get the 'Next' button to interact with the CMI variables in the SCORM package. Note: Javascript to be added to Drupal (eg in the Opigno Theme JS file). On admin/config/development/performance, 'Aggregate JavaScript files' should be turned off document.getElementById("edit-submit").onclick = function(e) {validateProgress(e)}; function validateProgress(e) { var iframe = document.getElementById("iFrameResizer0"); var innerDoc1 = iframe? (iframe.contentDocument || iframe.contentWindow.document) : null; var iframe2 = innerDoc1? (innerDoc1.getElementById("content-frame")): null; var innerDoc = iframe2? (iframe2.contentDocument || iframe2.contentWindow.document): null; var percentcounter = innerDoc? innerDoc.getElementsByClassName("progress-bar__percentage-bottom")[0]: null; if (typeof percentcounter === "undefined"){ return } if (e.currentTarget.value === 'Next' && (!percentcounter.innerText.includes('100'))) { alert("Please complete the entire 'Module' first before clicking on the 'Next' button. Ensure that you have completed all portions of the Module."); e.preventDefault(); return false; } }