powerpoint import

Hi there! I have a question about the Powerpoint import feature... I followed the prerequisites for a linux installation for Opigno and everything seems to work well. Updating Opigno from the update page results in errors from Calendar and Search API so didn't update them. One of the other update made the Message icon in the top disappear. Don't know which of the updates it was though. Made a Course -->Made a Module -->Add an Activity --> Select the H5P PPT(x) import -->Give it a name -->Select a 4-slide PPT (nothing special) --> Click Next.... And then... I was wondering what should happen... I was expecting a Course presentation with the 4 slides of the PPT as images on different pages. Instead, nothing happens on screen.... On the other hand in the files folder there is a folder with the uploaded PPT file and - that's the surprising part- a PDF file with the PPT in it!! So, instead of a Course Presentation, the import made a PDF file??!! Can anybody explain what goes wrong, and even more welcome, how to solve this?? Thnx, viragom


To answer my own question... Yes, i got it working right now. A Course Presentation with images from the Powerpoint file is created. I think I know where the PDF file comes from. When uploading a PPT file, Opigno first converts the PPT to PDF and then converts the PDF file to JPG images in a temporary subfolder of external_packages_ppt. It then calls for the Course Presentation and loads all the JPGs as an array of images and saves a Course Presentation in the Activities List. LibreOffice should be available on your server and working properly. Although it works, the workflow of the whole operation isn't properly ended. You give the Activity a name and upload a PPT-file. Click Next, sandbox.... and then the upload remains on the same screen. It should go further in the creation of an Activity process instead. I think the operation tries the load a wrong destination, because in the Errorlogs I saw it tried to load the temporary upload folder of the PPT-upload (in external_packages_ppt folder). Could also be the shell_exec().... still have to find out.... To be continued...

H5P PPT(x) import ???

Hello viragom! I'm facing the same issue.. Trought my problem is that I don't have this Activity --> Select the H5P PPT(x) import in my List of Activites..?! Can you please tell me if it is neccessery to activate/install it ? Is that working now by you ? Thanks!