Platon theme problem

Hi, I am using D8 Opigno 2.1 and the Platon theme has one problem. When using S3FS module with Drupal 8, which enables drupal to save all images and uploaded files to S3, the theme "Background image" does not support this. The logo image upload field on the other hand supports, and the logo file is saved to AWS S3. But the background image is not working. It is not saved to S3. Also the "The path to the home page background image." does not support S3. I think the problem is that these fields are hardcoded in the theme templates? It would be great to be able to use the site fully with AWS S3 to be able to scale the site easier.

Hi anaconda,

Hi anaconda,

Thanks for raising this point.

We will have a look at this.


also problem with the folders

Hi, Also I am having a problem with the front page images, when trying to upload a image, it goes to the server but the theme is looking the picture from the styles folder. I do not have anything in the styles folder.

I am using S3FS on several of

I am using S3FS on several of my sites. So basically, files under /sites/default/files will be uploaded to Amazon S3. But on themes, background images are referenced locally. For example, if you set background images on CSS: div { background-image: url("img_tree.gif") } The image is referenced locally. So you should make that image available on the theme folder.