Linking slides to lesson

Opigno support, I'm a little disappointed that my thread on creating lessons seemingly was deleted. I certainly hope it was a inadvertent or technical error that lead to the loss of the thread. In my missing thread I asked about tying slides to lessons and mentioned that the button and process described in the documentation doesn't seem to exist. Nor can it be found in the drop down menu. [Post edited by admin because of inappropriate content]

Hi 61admin,

Hi 61admin,

Your post has been moderated because of inappropriate content.

Short reminder:

1. This is a support forum, it's only a place to discuss support cases related to the use and development of Opigno. I you have other points to discuss please contact us

2. This is a free support without any obligation of answer from us or time limit for the answer

3. If you are not able to use a product, don't write the product does not work, and that the documentation is bad, and that the video tutorials are bad, and that everything is bad. Or if you want to write it, please bring some robust proofs.

If you don't respect these basic rules your posts will be moderated and your account will finally be banned form this forum.

Regarding your question, it's obviously not understandable. Please post some screenshots if you want that someone can help you.