Installing Opigno Commerce App using App interface crashes the LMS

Installing Opigno Commerce App 7.x-1.7 using the App interface of the LMS crashes the whole application. Please note that all the dependent modules necessary to run this commerce app smoothly are already enabled. Below is the error that is being displayed during setting up of the commerce app: The domain-name page isn’t working domain-name is currently unable to handle this request. 500 Additional information: I even tried out (just for testing purpose) by downloading the commerce app from it's module page, and installing it up in a very similar way as that of installing other Drupal modules; however, it also lead to the same error message as demonstrated above. So far, I have installed a set of Opigno apps using the LMS app interface; but never faced such issues with them. Is there anything I am missing out and is different from other app installation?

Hi surendramohan,

Hi surendramohan, You should check the errors log. If you cannot access the platform, please go to the database and in the system table, for the commerce app module entry, set the status to 0. This will disable the module and you should be able to access it. After that uninstall the app. Enable the commerce modules it depends on before enabling the commerce app again. When enabling that app for the first time it enables a bunch of other ones. On old systems and depending on the server configuration it might struggle enabling all of them at once. If that does not fix it, then it is probably a conflict with another module not part of opigno. Best regards