Installing locally on MAMP

Hi, I am trying to install opigno on MAMP. I have changed memory_limit in both of the php.ini files any help would be greatly appreciated. The minimum memory requirement for Opigno installation is 256M, you only have 32. Please change the memory_limit in your php.ini settings file or using ini_set in the settings.php file before continuing
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James Aparicio

Hi sec1214,

Hi sec1214,

Have you restarted wamp after you made the change?

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Hi sec1214,

Hi sec1214,


Check with the PHP function "phpinfo()" ( the real path to your php.ini . With some local server, like WAMP (and maybe MAMP too), the php.ini used is not so obvious.
For exemple, WAMP use the php.ini who is in the directory "C:\wamp\bin\apache\apache2.4.9\bin".

You can find this value under "Loaded Configuration File" using the phpinfo() function.




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same here

I get this same issue on Mamp on OSX

Please refer to the other

Please refer to the other post, if you properly configure your webserver, the install will be straightforward.

But first you need to know which file to edit, and how to edit it. This we cannot tell you, this depends on your own server, and as a server admin you should perfectly know it.