Implementation Support

Hello All, Greetings to all! I am not sure if this is the forum to post this query. If this is not, I request the admins to move to the most appropriate Forum. Our setup is as follows: 1. We have an Assessment Platform, which contains Assessments. These assessments produce either 4, 6 or 16 scores, which is stored in an LRS (LearningLocker) 2. We have Opigno as the LMS 3. We want to retrieve the scores from the LRS (specifically the top three scores of two assessments). We would like to branch the content displayed from the LMS based on the top three scores. Any links / ideas on implementing this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and regards, Tejovathi

Some modules have "Options, Text, group (missing)"

Hello, After installing each opigno module into a fresh new drupal 8.8.x by "composer require drupal/opigno-modulename" (want fully fresh installation instead the one made by opigno-lms profile way), some modules have a "Options, Text, ggroup (missing)" or "Options, Text, Entity (disabled), ggroup (missing)" as a module missing... or something similar... Such modules are: Calendar; Catalogue; Commerce; Forum; Instructor-Led Training; Learning Path; Statistics Any lights on solving that? Thanks, Ricardo