How to customize front page

Can anyone help me how to change the content on the front page ? I have found that we can write and compose the HTML file from the appearance. If I want to make it like the front page that guest user will see like this site than how can i precede, any idea? Appreciate your help.



You would have to create a custom graphical theme (like for a classical Drupal website) and have a custom template for front page.

We advise to create another custom theme instead of hacking Opigno Platon theme.

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Thank you

Thanks a lot.

Does sub-theming Platon consititue "hacking Opigno Platon"?

I have successfully sub-themed Platon and the subtheme is in my sites/all/themes directory. The overrides of Platon in the subtheme are minimal. Is this a recommended practice?

Yes creating a subtheme is a

Yes creating a subtheme is a good practice, it's the best way to proceed.



What template(s) should be created/replaced just for the frontpage? I am also in need of frontpage for anonymous users that will display articles, and latest videos (using opigno to sell soccer coaching videos).

I've been looking for a

I've been looking for a platform to create, publish and sell online courses - stumbled across Opigno, installed it and it's great! But... same question as the others here, would like to build more of a website around it. I've checked out the subtheme explanation, but not being a programmer, I just scratch my head... My question is: can I install Drupal separately to create a basic website that I can link Opigno in with? I have no previous experience with Drupal, so I don't know if I even have it automatically with installing Opigno. I presume most people first install Drupal and then Opigno and that I'm doing it the wrong way around. Then also - if I install Drupal, do I lose all the things I've worked on in Opigno? I'm running Opigno on xampp at the moment.

How to customize front page and create custom pages

Hi, I use Page manager module for Drupal. This module provides a UI and API to manage pages within the site. And depends on Chaos tools and needs for Chaos Tools (CTools) Plugin Example , OG example, Panelizer, Panopoly Widgets, Opigno Features Panels, Opigno Features Roles, so I think you already have it with Opigno. In /admin/structure/pages/ you can Add custom page and choose "Make this your site home page. To set this panel as your home page you must create a unique path name with no % placeholders in the path. The site home page is currently set to /main on the Site Information configuration form."