In House training

Hi there, Opigno community, When managing results of a sample in house training, I get an error "Score must be integer (0-100)" for all users who are part of the training. I have tried different score versions: 1, 10, 100, etc but nothing seems to work. Many thanks in advance for your help! Kristina

Figured it out

I think I know what the problem was: I have to give score to all users assigned to the training, not a particular ones. Does anyone know if there is a possibility to select specific users for the in-house training (and not necessarily all users who are part of the course/group)? thanks Kristina
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James Aparicio

Hi Kristinap,

Hi Kristinap,

By default its for all users in the course.

If you want only specific users you can create a user field entity reference in the content type and slightly change the logic of the module.

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