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Hello, last week i've been busy updating Opigno to the latest 2.x version. Today I noticed that instead of the 49 activities I had in the overview from H5P under version 2.26, after updating to verrsion 2.28 there are only 36 activities left in the overview. For example, Agamotto, and Collage are not there anymore. Is this somethng other people also experienced? Suggestions for a solution (manually adding those h5p activities appear no to be working...)? Thx

Hi viragom,   Strange, did…

Hi viragom,


Strange, did you do a backup before the update? Can you spin up an instance with that backup and confirm missing libraries where there?

When you saiy that they there are activities missing, are you refering to the interface when trying to create content? Or you are refering to the interface that lists the existing libraries (admin/content/h5p) ?


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Hi there ! It is the interface for creating content (add/opigno_h5p). I used to have about 49 different activities available there but since the update to 2.28 there are only 36 activities listed.

Hi Can you check this page…

Can you check this page of our documentation ? 


Maybe some activities are not enabled


h5p solved

Now I see... BTW I can't change the settings to enable the missing h5p activities again... Is the some kind of policy change or is there a technical reason why not all h5p activities are allowed? Did I miss some communication about this?

Did you solved it?

Hi Viragom I have the exact same problem and I still looking for a solution. Did you found it? or is Opigno support could add an explanation on this? Thanks in advance.