Edit View dropdowns obscured when using Platon Theme

When using the Platon theme, it is not possible to correctly edit a view because each dropdown is obscured (hidden) by the content of the pane below it. Is there workaround for this? I prefer to use the Platon theme, but this is stopping me from creating views correctly. There is an image of this bad behaviour in Platon stored here: http://uploadpie.com/A2riN Here is an image of the correct Bartik behavour stored here: http://uploadpie.com/kETwz

I found a workaround for this

I found a workaround for this problem. It is possible to only use the Bartik theme when using the Drupal View module to manipulate views and else the Platon theme at all other times. To do this go: Structure->Views->Settings Tab : Select "Bartik" as the setting for Custom admin theme for the Views UI. Hope this helps someone out there.

Had the same problem

If you click on Structure and then on Views (without bothering about what the dropdown is doing) it does go to a page where all the views that have been created are in a nice table format. There is a column on the end with options for each view to Edit, Disable, Delete, and Clone. At the top, you can add a new view or create one in a template. Missy