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Hello. At the moment, when we download and then upload a question to re-use it with some changes, we are not getting the latest version of the question. For example, I created a question with some interactive videos and some exercises about a text. When I downloaded and uploaded, I got the first version of this question with the videos in but no interactions and only the first exercise, not the ones I added later. Do you have any idea why this is happening? Thanks. Gillian
James Aparicio

Hi gillian,

Hi gillian,

And this observation that you are not getting the latest version is from what you see editing the node? 

Or is from taking the lesson? If it is by taking the lesson, if you have resume enabled you have to finish the lesson before getting the latest content, otherwise you are resuming into the same old version when taking.

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Hi James,

Hi James, I'm talking about creating content. I create a lesson and I want to use a question that I've previously created. This question has been edited and been through various versions. In my new lesson, I want to make some changes and not just use the question as it is. So I download it onto my computer, then upload it again into the new lesson. I've been able to do this in the past with no problem, but at the moment, I'm not able to get the latest version of the question. I get what was probably the first version of it when it was created. I hope this is clearer!

Further to the above, I'm

Further to the above, I'm talking about H5P course presentations.

Try this: Open the lesson in edit mode, save it (whithout change

Gillian, Have you tried just opening the question in edit mode. Then opening the H5P part in edit mode Save the H5P part (without changes) Then save the the question (whithout changes) and then download the question again and see if that did the trick There is no science behind this approach but i would try that. (In the end it is software and this way of approaching problems sometimes does magic)