Confused: Browse for questions to add

Hello, I am just starting to try to use Opigno for a rather ambitious project but I am hitting some problems. I have had to move things around a bit whilst trying to get going. But I am now getting really confused with "Browse for questions to add" when trying to add a question. I cannout understand which questions or when a question becomes available in the "Browse for questions to add". It seems to be completely inconsistent, from question to question or lesson to lesson. I have not tried to look at any consistency between courses as I am only concerned with one course but many lessons. My use case is that I have audio's for about 60 lectures and about 1300 pages of lectures transcripts and I am aiming at about 20 to 30 questions for each lecture. However there are some slight inconsistencies between the audios and the transcripts which forces me to move questions around a bit. Any elucidation about the mechanics of questions being available under "Browse for questions to add" would be greatly appreciated and may help me setup the sequencing of my workflow to facilitate adjustments. Thank you

Hi MidGe,

Hi MidGe,

I'm a new user of Opigno myself. I've been experimenting with Opigno myselt to better understand how it works. I've also been experimenting with the questions. I think I understand a little about how the questions are set up. The admin can correct wherever I say that isn't correct here. Here is my understanding (right or wrong) about how the questions work.

How Questions Work

Whenever you create questions within the context of a lessons, those questions are attached to that particular lesson. From my experiments, it seems that, in addition, those questions also go into a common pool where they are available in any class in any course in any other lesson. (As you create more and more questions, that becomes a lot to search through.) As you have already discovered, to access previously created questions you search for them under "Browse for Question to Ask". No matter how many questions have previously been created, only a few of them show in the Browse window. Currently, the only way to find questions in this Browse window is to filter the questions by these four filters: Title, Question Type, Changed, & Username.

Finding Questions

Given these limited filters, the best way to find a question is to find a word in the title. If you want a particular type of question, then you can also filter the questions by Question Type. You must search for either a single keyword or a single exact phrase as it is used in the title. I don't think that you can search for multiple keywords. (There are other ways to find your questions,  but they won't work within the "Browse for Questions to Use" window.)

Making Questions Easier To Find

So, as Opigno currently works, one possibility to make questions easier to find is to use specific keywords in the Question title that relate to either the course/lesson topic or to the desired lessons, or course, or section or lecture. For instance (Assuming your lectures all have unique names), when you create the questions, use one or more keywords from the Lecture Title (or course, or lesson, etc.) in the Question Title. Other keywords in the title should include the specific lesson or topic content. So, it becomes important how you create the titles to your questions because your title contains the keywords to search by.

A note to the admins, please correct anything that I said that wasn't right.

Making Changes to Opigno

Now, the beauty of Opigno is that it is built upon Drupal.  As you learn Opigno/Drupal (I"ve been using Drupal for about 8 or 9 years), you can change how things are set up. You can add fields, change the structure, change the way things are filtered etc. There are other "Drupal" ways to search for your questions. But more about these things at another time.

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Hi Stephen



@Stephen: Thanks for your feedback that perfectly summarizes the situation.

As you mention, even if Opigno offers some nice default tools, one of its main strengths is to make it very easy to be customised and extended, to perfectly fit each user's own needs.


@MidGe: don't hesitate to post on this forum if you need some assistance to setup your training platform. Thanks to Drupal, Opigno is perfectly fitted to manage very large amount of data.


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Somewhat less confused now

@Stephen: Thank you for your help... I was getting confused as only a subset of the question was showing undr "Browse.." and it seemed inconsistent in which one were showing dependent on which lesson I was invoking the "Browse.." command. I guess a way to organize this would be to prefix all questions with a lecture number or an audio tape number (or maybe both). That might give me a way at getting to relevant questions more easily. I will try to getting some form of prefix to identify lectures/lessons and audios before I go futher. It looks like I may have to restart what I have done already, but that is only about 35 pages of the 1300+, so not too big of a problem :) . Better to get started right now than finding issues when more advanced. I have only a self-imposed deadline for completion so there is again no real problem. Once more thank you for your help. @axel: I am glad about your opinion that Opigno will cater for the volume of data. I have been a bit nervous about that. And I will not hesitate to post with any request for assistance or hopefully with contribution to Opigno development if I can. Kind regards

Course and Question Filtering

Hi MidGe, Likewise, I had been wanting another way to better sort the questions. Here is another way that I think I may use. Create a User for each Course name. For Instance, for the Biology course create a user named "Biology". Then, also install the Masquerade module This allows you to Masquerade as another user. Then, whenever you are entering Biology lessons and quizzes, make sure that you are masquerading as the user "Biology". Since all the questions and other course material will be entered by that user, it will be easier to filter to a particular course. This will give you two fields to filter by (Title and User). Use the username to filter and show only the questions in the desired course. Then you would use the Title as a keyword filter to find appropriate questions or lessons within the chosen course. Best Wishes, Stephen