Confused about lessons and slides

I want to create a lesson, with no quiz, so I suppose that is type "Theory." I try to put something in the text box, but I get the message I need to create a "slide." Why? What is the text box for? Supposedly the slide can be text or video. I embed a video from youtube. The text format is set to HTML so that should work. But it does not work. The slide just contains HTML code. Okay, how do I edit the slide? And how do I embed a video?



If you integrated the video using the iframe integration code, then you need to adapt the text format settings to authorize iframes (filtered by default even with HTML mode).

You can also use the Opigno external video app to make it more simple (a new button will be added to the wysiwyg editor).

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I tried clicking the "Source

I tried clicking the "Source <>" button on the text box, that did not work either.

No because you should change

No because you should change the configuration first, as explained above (to authorize the iframes tags)

How do I change the

How do I change the configuration? Also, how do I edit slides that have already been created?

I can&#039;t comment on how to

I can't comment on how to change the configuration, but to edit a slide that has already been created, navigate to the lesson that contains that slide/question, and click Manage questions, then Edit under Actions.