Clarification on new feature: Catch and store scorm interactions (answers from learners to the questions)

I’m looking for more details on the intent of this feature: “Catch and store scorm interactions (answers from learners to the questions)”. I do see a new details section when I go into the statistics and drill into specific learners on specific SCORMS, however the results page I get seems inaccurate, and also it doesn’t really help. Below is a link to a screenshot. I don’t know what this means or how to interpret it. This is from one I did where I purposefully missed enough questions to not pass. If someone can shed some light on what this new feature is intended to do, it would be super helpful. Thanks so much!

Hi Karen

Hi Karen

That's strange, the questions weren't caught and stored.

Is it possible for you to share with us the SCORM package that you used ? You can send it at [email protected]


Thank you for your reply Axel

Thank you for your reply Axel! I'm going to need to strip all of the information from the scorm because it's proprietary, so the questions will change to question 1, question 2, etc, and the answers will change to A, B, C, D. Once I've done that I'll get it over to you.


Oops... Sorry wrong place. Please disregard. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.