Certificate Rule

Hi, Sorry if this question is already answered. And for my english... I've test to use a rule to provide a certificate at the end of a course. I've added to a rule component the famous "Award certificate" action. I didn't find the way to see a download link on the result page... I searched on the code and find in opigno_quiz_app_quiz_finished that the event "User has passed a quiz" is fired (opigno_quiz_app_rules_quiz_passed). So what to do with that ? I would like to create a rule who provide a system message with the link to download the certificate. My problem is that i don't know how to write this link ... Is someone could help me to understand why the certificate module try to map certificates on rule's components and not on rules direcltly : function certificate_certificate_map_options() { $options = array(); if (module_exists('rules')) { $rules = array(); foreach (rules_get_components() as $key => $ruleset) { if (array_search('certificate', $ruleset->tags) !== FALSE) { $rules[$key] = $ruleset->label; } } $options['rules'] = array( 'title' => t('Rules'), 'options' => $rules, 'description' => t('When a rule or ruleset ends with "Award certificate", the selected certificate will be awarded.'), ); } **THanks ! **