Cannot send statements to LearningLocker

Hello, I installed Opigno (with PHP 7) on one server and LL(with PHP 5.6) on another one and configured the Opigno Tincan API. But when I click on a course (or anything related to xAPI), recent logs start to appear about Opigno Tincan API (Code 1). But when I generate a statement using TinCan Statement Generator, it can send the statement to the LearningLocker. So I compared the 2 Json statements (the one in Opigno recent Logs and the one generated by Statement Generator) and changed some punctuation of my error log in Statement Generator and it succeeded to send (Code2). I'm not a programmer or coder, but what I think the problem is the Json statement Opigno generated isn't accepted by LL. What may be the reason for that error? Maybe different PHP versions? PS: I tried the Opigno free cloud platform and there is no such an error. This may be related to some missing server configurations? I installed TinCanPHP library as instructed. Code 1 and Code 2 (Spam trigger doesn't allow me to paste the code here)