Hi, After presenting a demo of Opigno last night, I came across a concern for a need of better navigation. The user who used the system commented that when a user views the performance of another user, she finds it difficult to jump back to a previous section. Does Opigno have some sort of Navigation tool something similar to breadcrumbs installed? Thanks!

Hi Xtrobe.

Hi Xtrobe. Currently, no. There are 2 reasons why this is difficult to fix: * The first difficulty comes from the fact that the best way to provide breadcrumbs is to use the URL to determine the "path" to the current page. Opigno relies on third-party Drupal modules that do not allow us to customize the paths (ex: `/course/courseID/quizzes/quizID/results/resultID`) without patching a **lot** of code. We try to patch as little code as possible to provide easy upgrades and build on tested code from third-party developers. This is made even more difficult by the fact that content (like lessons) don't *have* to be linked to a course, which changes the URL pattern. * The second difficulty is that it would require some hard-coded logic in the theme layer (at this time). The theme would have to know that, when viewing a Quiz result, the step between the Course homepage and the actual Quiz is a View (`node/ID/quizzes`). If other developers develop new Opigno tools that use this pattern, the theme will not know about it. And the breadcrumb will be messed up. One solution would be to think about a custom Breadcrumb solution, with hooks Opigno tools could implement to "register" a breadcrumb path. This would require some careful planning though, as many patterns can exist. I'll put in on our todo list. It's true that this would improve the UX, which is important to us.

breadcrumb for training cataloge on course/lesson level?

Not sure if something has been done in the recent years since there is always a breadcrumb for Home

and one for the course name when inside the lesson module /node/ID/quizzes ,  "Home » Course-name" (linking to /course/course-name )

another one level deeper when a lesson is launched "Home » Course-name » Lessons » Lesson-name"

But when just getting into the Lesson view itself, which shows the description, there is only the home breadcrumb and basically no way back into courses overview

- apart from sidebar menu icon which some users don't intuitively go to (for some reason :D ) and get confused how to get back.

Could we add/modify some code so that in a Lesson it includes one breadcrumb after Home > with a link to either "My trainings" or "Training Catalogue" please?


If I understood correctly,  it would be too difficult/messy if not impossible, to recognise which route the user reached the lesson due to the url formatting of /course, 
perhaps a great workaround could be to link back to the Training Catalogue which still shows all available courses including the ones subscribed to?  (as they disappear and remain empty afterwards!)




show courses that the user is part of - Trianing Catalogue

I found the filter "Hide groups that the user is part of" within the "Training Catalouge" view /admin/structure/views/view/opigno_course_catalgue/edit and removed it.


Now courses are showing there as well nice - keeping the "full available training catalogue" intact to browse that way.


Now just need a solution for the breadcrumb to link back to the catalogue when accessing courses/lessons please :)
I noticed the breadcrumb module and reference from 2014 at


Entity Parent / Opigno Breadcrumbs Module

I learned so far that there is a crumbs and Opigno Breadcrumbs module active. 
When disabling the Opigno Breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs are still working - but I expect some functionality will probably be missing!?


Having done so I tried inside  /admin/structure/crumbs/entity-parent to add " training-catalogue" within Course 

which results in the breadcrumb: Home > Training Catalogue > COURSE NAME

After I enable Opigno breadcrumbs it disappears again, hence I take that it overrides the main crumbs module.
Since I don't see any configuration settings I take it would require some addition to the code? 

Appreciate any insights.