SCORM Interactions Support

Hi, I'm new to Opigno and was trying to test some SCORM samples very the demo website. Can Opigno save the user responses that may be sent by the SCORM object in the interactions (cmi.interaction.n.learner_response). If yes, where can I see those getting captured as an instructor/teacher. Thank you in advance. Nilesh

Hi Nilesh,

Hi Nilesh,

This is not supported by Opigno at the moment.

But it's in our roadmap.

Best regards,


Hi Axel,

Hi Axel, Firstly, thank you for sharing the response. It was really quick. I hope it is not a big ask but any idea by when this would be supported? It would be really a good to know information that in which release of Opigno we could possible see this covered? Is the road-map available somewhere online where others like me can have a look at it? Thanks! - Nilesh

If I can chip in, all I've

If I can chip in, all I've seen in the past regarding Roadmap is: