Opigno vs WP learnDash

Hello there, I am searching for free open source lms to host my courses. Let me first descripe the system (some basic features) i need. I need a gamification friendly system that has 3 types of users. Maybe roles would be a better word. -first of all a student. when he registers he picks a course that he can follow -a parent. He register his kids(up to 3 ). He receives a discount and he will have some progress checking privileges -a school. They are buying, let's say a group of 50 students, they receive a discount, they are able to create those students whenever they want, certainly not the minute they are buying and have progress checking privileges and different dashboard from the others. For instance they going to have access to more recourses (ex. lesson plans). Let's say that they are "kind of" administrators. of course i want to be able to create interesting interactive lessons with a decent or better course builder. -SCORM and Xapi compliant. -Sell the courses with both credit carts and paypal -Ready to use features are very welcome i can code but i do not have experience neither with Wordpress or Drupal I am now between Opigno and Learndash. What do you recommned and why ?? ????



The features you describe will require custom developments whatever the LMS solution you will choose.

To that extent, Opigno will be a very nice solution for you, since being very easily scalable. More than a Wordpress-based solution.

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