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Hello, I want to remove the default login form(it is only username and password) because I want to use only the User Login because it has the "create new account" and "Request new password", whenever I log-out the two forms are in the home page. How can I remove the other one? When I go to the blocks and homebox only the user login can be disable but I don't want that. Hope for your answers. Thank you in advance.
James Aparicio

Hi Chrymille,

Hi Chrymille,

3 different ways i can think of:

->Remove it by hidding it with css (display:none)

->Implementing a hook_menu_alter and unset the menu "user/password".

->Remove it by processing the tabs in the template.php.

With the 1st and 3rd solution the user can still go to user/password if he manually writes the url in the browser. 


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Hello, I would like to: a) hide/remove the default login field/form on the main page of the Drupal 8 Opigno. b) change the urls associated with the "Request new password" and "Create a new account". Any idea of how to achieve these? Thanks, Jack

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