SCORM 1.2 compliance is a necessary feature

We are currently rolling out Opigno LMS for a rather large internal education and compliance system. Several of our lessons are SCORM packages, published as version 1.2. As 1.2 is still regarded as the industry standard, should there not be a push to adopt this compatibility? Direct from "Recommendation: SCORM 1.2 was VERY widely adopted and is still the industry workhorse. Every e-learning vendor should make their products compatible with SCORM 1.2. SCORM 1.2 will be around for a long time to come." The top players in the industry, Edmodo, Blackboard, and Moodle, are all 1.2 compliant. In order to compete in this market, it seems obvious that a product must have this requirement at a minimum. The several forum posts with users questioning 1.2 compliance backs up this data. Understanding that Tin Can may be the next-gen platform, we need to recognize the market, and provide the majority with a base functionality.



We know. We have limited development resources and decided to concentrate on the future (TinCan for example) rather on the past (Scorm 1.2)

You have nevertheless some adapters working very nice to convert Scorm 1.2 to Scorm 2004, so the lack of Scorm 1.2 support is not very critical.

But it's on our development roadmap, soon or later we will have Scorm 1.2 complicance.