Live Meetings in Views

Robert Carr
I am trying to create a View to list future Live Meetings for a Student. Creating a View of 'Live Meeting' type, viewing and dates (including end_value) dates are not displayed. Have tried all the formats (HTML List, Table etc) same result. Calendar and Live meeting formats render nothing, so using Fields for display. Looking at database, dates are populated in the 'opigno_moxtra_meeting' table, stored in a varchar (20) fields date__value and date__end_value, format '2020-10-12 11:00:00'. Does the format that dates are stored in require conversion to something else (eg, Unix timestamp) to work with Views? Shouldn't have to touch the Twig templates, but not sure if that's an option. Despite selecting all the fields available, the SQL query preview within Views UI looks rather minimal SELECT AS id FROM {opigno_moxtra_meeting} opigno_moxtra_meeting Any other idea how to render these dates and expose fields in a View?