Create lessons outside of a course

Hi, I noticed so far that this is one of the procedures to create a new lesson: - User goes to a course and create a lesson inside that course. After submitting the form user is redirected to another page with top menu that contains tab links for the course (view, edit, members...). And I think that it's OK like that. But what is happening when user wants to create a lesson out of the course, and select the course after that? User adds a new content (lesson) without selecting a course (group audience) and save the form. User is redirected to the node page with View and Edit primary links. If user clicks edit button, select a course and submit the form again, user is redirected to the same node page but the View and Edit primary links are missing and another top menu is shown with links for the course (the same as when you create lesson inside a course). User thinks that edit link from the top menu is for editing the lesson, not the course. Can this be changed somehow? I don't want to lose View and Edit primary links when create a lesson out of a course. Thanks in advance



These view and edit tabs were removed on purpose to improve the user experience.

When a lesson is integrated inside a course it would display 2 buttons bars, which is really bad. When a lesson is inside a course (which is the normal use case) you can edit the lesson by going into the dedicated area inside the couse (lessons tool).

You can create your own Opigno graphical theme of course if you want to have in addition the view and edit buttons